How To Make Kombucha

(1st fermentation) 

brew chart.png

Before you begin, make sure that all your jars and brewing equipment are thoroughly cleaned.


Step 1


Bring filtered water up to a boil, then shut off the heat. Drop tea bags in and allow to steep for 5-6 minutes. 

Step 2


While tea is still warm, add sugar & stir until dissolved then remove tea bags, leaving only sweet tea. 

Step 3


Allow sweetened tea to cool to room temperature (preferably 68°  - 85° F)
→ If tea is too hot, you could kill the scoby. Be kind to the scoby! (Sweeten tea should be cooled to the touch of a finger.)

Once cooled, add in newly made sweet tea mixture into brew jar.  

Step 4


Pour in starter liquid & scoby culture. 

Step 5


Cover container with clean cloth or coffee filter and secure with a rubberband. 

→ Set aside for 5-14 days (ideally between 78°-85° F room temperature), or until your kombucha has reached your desired taste. 

(After 5 days, taste your brew with a clean straw. If it is too sweet, let it ferment longer. The longer it ferments, the more acidic and less sweet it will become.)